Things Parents Need to Check Before School Admission in Gurugram

It’s that time of the year when Gurgaon parents are on their toes looking for the right school for their child’s admission in Gurgaon- a city housing some of the best educational institutions. Unlike Delhi, school admissions in Gurgaon usually take place between July and October every year. The Gurgaon School admissions 2020-2021 have already begun and the new session for selected candidates will start between March and April, next year. If you are parent, looking for a school in Gurgaon for admission nursery class onwards, you need to first do your homework well and have a clear understanding about the 5 factors listed below:

Location and Timings of the School

Even though the students are taking classes online from home these days, they will eventually return to school. So, make sure that the school is not too far from your home. The school should not be located in some remote far-off area and should be easily accessible. Confirm beforehand that the school offers transport service from where you live. Also, give preference to a school that does not start very early in the morning to save your child from health issues. For working parents, a school with flexible timings is the best option.

Strength of the Class

The lower is the strength of the class, the more personalized attention your child is bound to receive. The ideal student to teacher ratio is 16:1, where parents can be assured of individualized attention for their child. Small class sizes allow facilitators to provide better care to your children, stimulating their budding minds to explore, understand and appreciate the finer aspects of life. Also, to ensure a healthy teacher-child bridge, pre-primary classes should have a teaching-assistant who progresses through the school years with the class at least up till Grade 3.

Type of Grading System Used

Child assessment is a vital component of any learning system. It is important not only to understand and support the development of children but also to document and evaluate how effectively the school’s teaching-learning programs are meeting children’s educational needs. When looking for admission in Gurgaon, choose a school which evaluates children based on every possible aspect of their learning such as their interaction with the teachers, behaviour with friends, involvement in daily classroom activities and expression of various skills like leadership, confidence, communication ability or talents like singing, dancing, creativity, etc. A very positive & constructive test grading system should be used to rate the performance of a child that should not demotivate or undermine the effort of your child in any way.

Curriculum and School Board

A curriculum is considered the “heart” of any learning institution. An integral part of the schooling process, the curriculum should be dynamic and ever-evolving to match with the constantly changing times. What parents should look for is a school with a carefully-planned research-based curriculum that takes care of the learning needs of your child. Gurgaon has primarily schools affiliated to five boards, namely CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and State board but CBSE is the most popular private school board, with 90% of the private schools affiliated with CBSE. CBSE offers a number of advantages over other boards such as:

Quality of the Teachers

Teaching-learning is continuously changing process, more so with the pandemic situation and introduction of new technologies every day. So, make sure that the school organises regular workshops and trainings for the teachers to keep them up-to-date. Even the school management should be actively involved and spend a great deal of time, energy and resources on providing intensive training programmes to update the knowledge and upgrade the skills of their faculty. A highly motivated & professional team of facilitators who are dynamic, caring, dedicated & competent can lead your child to a constructive learning journey.

Admission Open in Gurgaon Schools

Gurgaon admissions are currently underway. Now that you know what are the various factors to consider when finalising a school for your child, we are sure you will make the best decision for your little one. SHEMFORD Futuristic School in Sector 47, Gurgaon, is accepting admissions. To know more about this unique school designed with love for 21st century modern families, call: +918448496733, +918800550099.

All the Best for Gurgaon school admission 2021!