Keeping SHEMFORD Stars active & fit!

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Hence, we give equal importance to healthy diets, building life-long habits of physical exercises among our students. Our students are encouraged to participate in various sports such as cricket, badminton, etc. which increases their confidence, self-esteem and mental alertness. In addition, every day, students attend & participate activities like Yoga, aerobics, Dance, sessions on healthy diet & hygiene. This helps to inculcate lifelong healthy habits among our ShemStars.

At SHEMFORD, we believe that physical fitness in growing children, which is attained through sports activities,is one of the most important aspects of a healthy body and mind. Regular involvement of children in sports activities contributes to their overall physical, cognitive and psychological well-being. Keeping this in mind, we have designed & developed a special program – ShemSPORTS – exclusively for our SHEMstars, after years of research. With our unique in-house sports curriculum, we promote healthy competitions & foster a feeling of cooperation, team spirit & group pride in our children by organizing various intra-school competitions among our four houses namely, SHEMRED, SHEMBLUE, SHEMGREEN & SHEMGOLD.