Events and Celebrations

All India ShemWebinar Interschool Quiz Competition – This nationwide online competition allows children from all the SHEMFORD branches to participate, using our in-house, web-based, interactive platform – ShemWebinar and state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, without having to travel to another school location. Further, this competition serves not only as a unique platform for the students to exhibit their knowledge & thereby win recognition, but also allows every participant to gain knowledge on various topics.

At SHEMFORD, we lay a strong emphasis on inculcating values and promoting the rich and varied culture that we all are proud of. That’s precisely why we celebrate various national and regional festivals with equal zest and vigour throughout the academic year. This not only develops a sense of respect and appreciation for diverse cultures, but also instills sound moral values in children.All instructions & guidelines for conducting the events are sent by the Head Office, with clear guidelines for various classes to ensure that the celebrations take into account all sensitivities, while ensuring that children learn about our rich cultural diversity.

Events are organized for various days of special importance like Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, World Environment Day, Friendship Day, etc. to highlight their significance. These events provide children an opportunity to take initiative and work as a team, ensuring holistic development of young minds.