Flexible School Timings

Our school offers flexible timings so that both parents can synchronize their child’s school timings to their own work timings, and build their own careers without compromising on their child’s learning and safety. Our school starts at 9 am, which not only makes mornings less hectic for parents but also ensures that children get sufficient sleep, enjoy better health, concentrate better and participate more in learning activities. We have three different shifts –

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which parents can choose from to suit their individual convenience and requirements. Moreover, the extended school timetable takes care of all the academic and extra-curricular requirements so that children don’t have to shuttle between multiple locations, and learn efficiently in a safe environment.

Why Do Schools Start So Early ?

A teen required to wake up at 7:00 a.m. is equivalent to adults waking up at 4:00 a.m., and suffers from chronic sleep loss. And one week of chronic sleep deprivation leads to poor academic outcomes and heightened health risks. On the other hand, beginning classes later in the morning results in improved grades and attendance. Researchers said that countries like United Kingdom and New Zealand have implemented delayed start times at their school for older adolescents. The staff observed positive achievement and behaviors among students.

A recent study of 30,000 teenagers across 29 schools in seven states showed that two years after moving bell times to 8:30 or later, the average graduation rate moved from 79 percent to 88 percent. Requiring teenagers to be in class any earlier is unhealthy and counterproductive Hence, California has implemented a new legislation to prevent schools starting before 8:30 am

Legislation is Supported by

"All the studies show that later start times improve family life"

Minneapolis Public Schools shifted its high school start time from 7:15 to 8:40. Evidence indicated that students liked the change, slept an hour longer compared to students in two other similar school districts and reported their attendance, achievement, behavior and mood improved, Nine in 10 parents were “very positive about the later start” and reported that their children “were easier to live with.”

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