Our School has been designed keeping children’s safety as its top priority so that there is virtually no chance of any mishap in the school premises which means parents can work stress-free knowing their child is safe at all times.Our safe school design with no blind spots, third party background verification of all employees, fire fighting system on all floors, electrical switches at maximum permissible height as per the National Building Code, CCTV surveillance, GPS in School Buses,  – all make the school one of the safest ones in the country. We have a fully equipped Medical Room with full-time nurses. The school runs in the care of Health Plus Programme under the supervision of a team of doctors and dentist for providing facilities of medical check-up and treatment to students. Regular sessions and orientation programmes on various health and hygiene related issues are held for the students.

A School having Glass Elevators with Access Controls to ensure the safety of your little one.

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Plot No. 3, Redwood Sector-47, Malibu Towne, Gurugram


Health and Safety Features at SHEMFORD