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Online Classes - 9-9 Learning Programme

Our online learning programme, EduMAX, is the Complete Homeschool Solution for your Little One. It’s a full-day curriculum from wake-up to sleep.

Best Online Classes for Kids: Embrace the New Wave of e-Learning with EduMAX!

With our fun and interactive online classes for kids, you can give the most engaging learning experience to your your home!

Last year, when the raging pandemic struck, we were one of the first school chains to take learning online for kids and spread positivity and good cheer among our children.

Today, we are known for offering one of the best online classes for kids and providing joyful learning experiences to children from the safety of their homes.

Our home-school programme is a perfect mix of interactive online classes, live assemblies, home assignments and offline activity worksheets to help develop cognitive, physical, emotional and creative skills in children.

What Makes EduMAX Classes the Best Online Classes for Kids?

Self-Paced Learning

Self- paced learning is made possible with EduMAX, where kids can learn concepts at a pace that suits them the best. Access to the recorded versions of live classes is offered so that students can take things forward at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed. Instant access to classes, worksheets and daily revision sessions enhances the whole experience of learning and grasping, making learning fun.

Conceptual Learning

Our concept-based learning model makes students understand topics in a better way. Rather than focussing on covering the topics, we focus on making the concepts clear. We believe that online learning for preschoolers cannot be neglected as this is the age to make the base strong, ingrain the concepts and build a strong foundation for life.

Personalized Learning

With a low student: teacher ratio at our online learning classes, we make sure that each student gets appropriate attention from the teacher. The online classes are conducted at a pace at which the learning capabilities and developmental levels of all the children are met.

Dedicated and Dynamic Educators

Our highly motivated and professional team of teachers conduct the online lessons with utmost patience and understanding. They guide the students through various activities to make learning both fun and fruitful.

Instant Doubt Clearing

Incase of any doubt regarding what is being taught in the virtual classes, the children are free to ask the teacher to explain things again.

Learning Through Games

Our teachers use fun and exciting games to drive enhanced student engagement and make learning long-lasting. Learning through games helps kids retain concepts better and learn things in a more effective manner.

Curiosity-led Learning

A preschooler’s inquisitive mind asks about 200-300 questions a day. Being the best online preschool program in India, EduMax focuses on sparking curiosity in young children by means of self-directed learning.

You take care of the SAFETY of your children. We will take care of their EDUCATION.

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