Online Classes

Online Classes - 9-9 Learning Programme

Our online learning programme, EduMAX, is the Complete Homeschool Solution for your Little One. It’s a full-day curriculum from wake-up to sleep.

Best Online Classes for Kids: Embrace the New Wave of e-Learning with EduMAX!

With our fun and interactive online classes for kids, you can give the most engaging learning experience to your your home!

Last year, when the raging pandemic struck, we were one of the first school chains to take learning online for kids and spread positivity and good cheer among our children.

Today, we are known for offering one of the best online classes for kids and providing joyful learning experiences to children from the safety of their homes.

Our home-school programme is a perfect mix of interactive online classes, live assemblies, home assignments and offline activity worksheets to help develop cognitive, physical, emotional and creative skills in children.

What makes us one of the best online schools?

You take care of the SAFETY of your children. We will take care of their EDUCATION.

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