Best Day Care in Gurgaon: SHEMFORD Futuristic School

Are you a working parent based in Gurugram who is looking for a safe and structured environment where your child can learn, play, socialize and develop essential life skills? Sending your child to a good day care school not only offers peace of mind while you are at work but also prepares your child for school. With scores of options at your disposal, how do you pick the best day care school that is right for your child? Don’t give yourself sleepless nights worrying about admitting your little one to a school that best suits yours and your child’s requirements. SHEMFORD Futuristic School in sec- 47 Malibu Towne is the first choice for parents looking for a good day care in gurgaon for their little one. Read on to find out why SHEMFORD should be your first choice too.

We Offer 3 Timings

- 9 am - 1 pm
- 9 am - 3:30 pm
- 9 am - 6:30 pm


  • Social development through inter-mingling
  • Structure and routine to your child’s day
  • Age-appropriate activities to keep young minds engaged
  • Self-exploration and discovery, Boosts self-esteem
  • Increased independence and self-confidence
  • Smooth and comfortable transition to preschool
Best Day Care in Gurgaon - Shemford School Gurugram

Why Choose Our Day Care in Gurgaon?

Daycare is a child’s first experience away from both the home and the love & care of the family. SHEMFORD is one of the best schools with daycare in Gurgaon that is like a home away from home. We provide a caring and stimulating environment for the young ones so that they grow and blossom, and are happy to come back to us every day.  When you send your children to SHEMFORD Futuristic School rather than any other regular creche in gurgaon, you give them a strong beginning and just the right atmosphere to become natural explorers.

Best Day Care in Gurgaon

Experienced and Caring Staff for daycare in gurgaon

Little children need kind and compassionate teachers who they can confide in. We have a highly motivated and professional team of teachers, who are dynamic, caring, dedicated & competent to teach our children with utmost patience and understanding. Moreover, they provide security & warmth to the children by creating a friendly atmosphere, in which they can express themselves freely. Further, the personalized attention shown by our teachers stimulates the budding minds to explore, understand and appreciate the finer aspects of life.  

Best Day Care in Gurgaon

Safe and Secure Environment

Our School has been designed keeping children’s safety as its top priority so that there is virtually no chance of any mishap in the school premises which means parents can work stress-free knowing their child is safe at all times.Our safe school design with no blind spots, third party background verification of all employees, fire fighting system on all floors, electrical switches at maximum permissible height as per the National Building Code, CCTV surveillance, GPS in School Buses,  – all make the school one of the safest ones in the country. We have a fully equipped Medical Room with full-time nurses. The school runs in the care of Health Plus Programme under the supervision of a team of doctors and dentist for providing facilities of medical check-up and treatment to students. Regular sessions and orientation programmes on various health and hygiene related issues are held for the children.  

Best Day Care in Gurgaon

Comprehensive Learning Programs

SHEMFORD – one of the best day cares in Gurgaon – is where we guide and nurture little children to become smart, active and independent. We become your partners in parenting, and encourage your children to grow and learn through exploration and discovery. Our holistic learning model has been carefully designed, targeting the sensory and motor skills, as well as personal and social skills of young children. Our in-house curriculum is meant to promote the overall development in children, while imparting lessons in a fun and engaging way. Through our well-conceptualized and mindful curriculum, we inculcate a genuine love for learning in children. Our comprehensive lesson plan focuses on the overall development of young children. Our programmes go way beyond  the basic knowledge of letters and numbers. They focus on important life skills and value education, which are crucial for the child in the long run.

Best Day Care in Gurgaon

Fun and Engaging Activities at day care in Gurgaon

Counted among the top daycare schools in Gurgaon, we, at SHEMFORD, provide a very cheerful and colorful environment for the children, which paves the way for their joyful learning and development. By infusing love and care into all aspects of learning, we convert every day into wonderful learning experiences for the children. We make sure that the children are given immense happiness, complete freedom and the required encouragement & guidance, so that their young minds grow and blossom in the fun environment of our school – one of the top daycares schools in Gurgaon.

Best Day Care in Gurgaon

Nutritious Meals and Snacks

When your child is at SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Gurugram, you don’t have to worry about her meals. We ensure that your child is well-fed, with an optimal intake of all vitamins and minerals for healthy growth & development. We have a carefully designed meal plan to meet the nutritional needs of our students. It consists of a Mid-Morning Snack, Mid-Day Meal & Evening Snacks. Here, children relish well-cooked, tasty meals eating to their heart’s content.

Best Day Care in Gurgaon

Flexible Timings at day care in gurgaon

Our school offers flexible timings so that both parents can synchronize their child’s school timings to their own work timings, and build their own careers without compromising on their child’s learning and safety. Our school starts at 9 am, which not only makes mornings less hectic for parents but also ensures that children get sufficient sleep, enjoy better health, concentrate better and participate more in learning activities. We have three different shifts – 9 am – 1 pm, 9 am – 3:30 pm and 9 am – 6:30 pm – which parents can choose from to suit their individual convenience and requirements. Moreover, the extended school timetable takes care of all the academic and extra-curricular requirements so that children don’t have to shuttle between multiple locations, and learn efficiently in a safe environment.

We are India’s first school that offers a full-day school facility. We have devised a system where after-school hours are utilised in a fruitful manner. Unlike a regular daycare school, here students’ after-school hours are planned for different activities such as practical classes, hobby classes, etc. In this way, they get the best education within the school premises itself. If you are looking for the best darecare School in Gurgaon, look no further than SHEMFORD.

Best Day Care in Gurgaon