Are Gurugram Schools Open?

YES! The Schools in Gurgaon may be physically closed owing to the pandemic but if you are looking for your child’s admission in gurgaon schools, you can easily apply online. At this point, it is hard to say when the Schools will open in Gurgaon physically, but until they do, they will continue to provide online education for kids. We, at SHEMFORD Futuristic School, are conducting online classes for kids to make sure children continue to learn and grow even during the lockdown.

Currently, the Gurugram schools are shut as per Government orders. The schools may be closed, but we continue to educate our children through online classes where we follow a 360 degree approach. Fun and interactive classes at the online school are the next best thing we can offer our students to keep them learning at home until the Gurugram School reopening date is announced by the Government and kids join physical school.

When schools reopen in Gurgaon, all the standard operating procedures will be followed, keeping in mind the safety and health of students and staff. Moreover, online classes will continue for some time to supplement the learning at physical school.

The Haryana government on July 9, 2021 announced its decision that schools will reopen classes 9 to 12 from July 16 with social distancing. If the situation remains normal, then, schools will be reopened for other classes. While for classes 6 to 8, the schools will re-open starting July 23. However, the online classes will continue and students who want to continue taking them will be allowed to do so. Students will be allowed to attend school only by receiving written permission from their parents. The schools for classes 1 to 5 will continue to stay closed and a decision regarding their reopening is awaited.

When the schools across the nation were shut last year in April, no one had predicted that it would take so long for children to join physical classes. It’s been more than a year now that children have been learning from home. This year, even the summer break was pre-poned for students considering the pandemic situation. The sudden announcement of the Gurgaon school holidays left many families looking for online extra-curricular activities. As far as reopening of schools is concerned, the safest time for kids to go back to school in 2021 is when staff and teachers are all vaccinated.

Schools reopening after the Covid-19 lockdown need to make sure they are following all the protocols set by the state government for student and staff safety.

With a little training and supervision, kids can learn to follow the safety precautions.

Please click on the link below to know the state-wise reopening status of Schools: Click Here