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SHEMFORD Futuristic School Gurgaon presents Chhota Bheem Summer Camp 2024 with Fun Activities, Vacation Classes, Arts & Craft, Dance!

This camp is specifically designed for children, from preschool to older kids (2-13 years), offering a broad range of activities for children that promise a fun and educational experience. 

By participating in specialized workshops, your child will have the opportunity to learn new skills and explore various interests. Don't miss out on giving your child an unforgettable summer filled with learning and adventure.

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Don't let your child waste their summer break when they could be learning new skills, making new friends, and having the time of their life at SHEMFORD Summer Camp!

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    Highlights of the SHEMFORD Summer Camp 2024

    C'mon join us for some summer fun at the best Summer Camp in Gurugram !

    Choota Bheem
    Stage Smart
    Activity Time
    Strong ‘n’ Smart
    Dholu & Bholu
    Art & Craft Smart
    Activity Time
    Rhythm Smart
    Activity Time
    Style Smart
    Activity Time
    Chef Smart
    Activity Time

    What are the Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Summer Camp in Gurgaon?

    Activity Time

    Developing New Skills

    Indulging in a wide range of activities and developing new skills is a great way to stimulate the minds of young children. Staying active and learning new talents adds to the overall personality of children. No parent would choose to let their child idle their time away at home when they can learn so much and have an amazing camp experience.

    Engaging in Fun and Creative Activities

    At the time of peak summers during the summer vacations, when there is not much scope for outdoor activities, most parents want their kids to learn new skills indoors. Kids Summer Camps offer lots of engaging, fun and creative activities that help children express their inner creativity while having endless fun. 

    Building Confidence and Independence

    Giving children an opportunity to be on stage and express themselves freely helps them shed their shyness, boost their self-esteem and become confident speakers.  Developing spoken English skills is a crucial aspect of building confidence and independence in children. By participating in activities such as public speaking, role-play, and theatre, kids can learn to express themselves effectively and become stage smart. 

    How to Choose the Best Summer Camp for Your Kid in Gurgaon?

    Checking the Variety of Activities Offered

    At the Chhota Bheem Summer Camp in SHEMFORD Futuristic School in sec 47 Gurgaon, there is a plethora of activities to choose from. These activities are designed to cater to the all-round development of children, offering opportunities for physical, mental, and emotional growth. By offering a wide range of activities, we ensure that each child can explore their interests and develop new skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

    Considering the Quality of the Summer Camp

    With 33 years of experience in education sector and 4 lakh children already studied from our schools, we pride ourselves in providing a conducive, child-friendly environment for children to thrive in. We, at SHEMFORD, offer specially curated activities for kids to make sure that they have a memorable and enriching experience during their time with us.

    Reviewing the Experience and Expertise of the Instructors

    Happy parents and happy children are a good indication that the instructors have the necessary expertise to create a positive and enjoyable environment for the kids. Positive feedback and testimonials from parents are great resources to gauge the effectiveness of the instructors. By taking the time to review parent feedback, you can feel confident that their kids will have a great experience and kids take back happy memories from their time at the camp.

    What Makes Chhota Bheem Summer Camp in Gurgaon Stand Out?

    Focus on Fun Activities Like Arts and Crafts

    Summer holidays are right around the corner, and if you're a parent in Gurgaon looking to keep your kids busy and productive, then Chhota Bheem Summer Camp is the place to be! With a list of best summer fun programs for children, including arts and crafts, music classes, aerobics, and clay modelling classes, there's something for every one. If your child is restless and always running around the house, why not enroll them in creative classes to help them channel their energy into something artistic and productive? 

    Emphasis on Skill Development Through Play and Exploration

    We have a strong emphasis on skill development through play and exploration. For kids aged 2-13, our camp offers a range of activities that focus on enhancing their English-speaking skills, public speaking, and personality development. From role play and theatre workshops to skating and singing sessions, there's something happening for every student in every category.

    Why Should Parents Consider Sending Their Kids to an Exciting Summer Camp in Gurgaon?

    Opportunity for Children to Explore New Interests

    We, at SHEMFORD, offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore new interests in a variety of activities. From art & craft to aerobics, fireless cooking to skating, there is something for every child to enjoy. The camp provides highly skilled instructors which sounds like the perfect combination of fun and learning. 

    Creating Memorable Experiences During Summer Holidays

    By enrolling in a good camp in your neighbourhood, not only will children have the opportunity to develop new skills and make new friends, but they will also come back with exciting stories about the experience. These stories will be cherished and remembered for years to come, adding to the family's collection of unforgettable memories.

    Curriculum Designed to Enhance Learning in a Fun Environment

    We offer a curriculum specifically designed to enhance learning in a fun environment for kids. At SHEMFORD, we believe that learning should be super engaging and interactive for children. Each detail of the curriculum is carefully thought out to ensure that every child has a blast while learning. We welcome kids aged 2 to 13 to join our camp and experience the joy of learning in a creative way. Parents can sign up for a free demo to see firsthand how our curriculum can benefit their children. 

    Focus on Personal Development and Building Character

    We prioritize activities that help your children become smart and confident. Through a variety of engaging and enriching experiences, students have the opportunity to focus on their personal development. By fostering a growth mindset and instilling confidence in our children, we aim to empower them to become the best versions of themselves. Through intentional programming and positive reinforcement, we create an environment where children can thrive and develop the qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

    What Sets us Apart? 

    Enroll your child for the SHEMFORD Chhota Bheem Summer Camp Gurgaon and we are sure they will go back to school refreshed and rejuvenated and full of anecdotes of the great time they had during the holidays.

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the deadline for registering for the Summer Camp Gurugram 2024?

    The last day for registering for the Chhota Bheem Summer Camp at SHEMFORD Futuristic School Sec 47 Gurgaon depends on availability of seats.

    Does joining Summer Camp classes help my child?

    By the end of the camp, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your child.

    How do I find the best Summer Camp classes in Gurgaon near me?

    You can look up in Google to find one near you and check the ratings, reviews and feedback from parents back in 2023.

    What ages can attend the Summer Camp?

    Children aged between 2-13 years

    My child is not studying in SHEMROCK or SHEMFORD Schools- Is he eligible? 

    Yes – SHEMFORD summer camp is open for all children!

    What is the duration of the summer camp?

    Classes will be held from Monday to Friday from 27th May to 22nd June. Bonus Summer Camp Activities will be on Saturdays. 

    When is the deadline for registering for the Summer Camp?

    Till seats are available

    What is the cost of sending my child to the summer camp?

    Call us on 8800550099, 8448496733 and we will be happy to help

    Are the charges refundable?

    No, since the seats are limited- there will be no refund.

    May I transfer my ticket to another person?

    You may do so 3 days before the Summer Camp starts. Once the Camp starts – it is non-transferable. 

    Are there any discounts?

    No – We have kept the prices at Rock bottom so that maximum children may benefit from this programme. We do not have any further scope to lower the prices.

    Got more questions?

    Call us on 8800550099, 8448496733 and we will be happy to help.

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