SHEMFORD Unveils the Basant Panchami Spectacle: Enchanting Baby Gala!

Dear Esteemed Parents of Gurgaon,

Prepare to immerse yourselves in the kaleidoscope of Basant Panchami, where the sheer charisma of infants radiates like the blossoming hues of spring flowers!

Join us for the Gurgaon Baby Extravaganza inspired by the Basant Panchami theme, where we aspire to bring forth the essence of this festival through the extraordinary charm of your delightful little ones.


    Event Details

    • Date

      Sat. 3rd February

    • Time

      11 am - 2 pm

    • Venue

      SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Sec 47, Malibu Towne, Gurugram

    Categories for Little Wonders

    1.6 yrs - 5 years

    Step forward and become a part of this jubilant celebration of adorable brilliance!

    Why Participate? Unleash the Potential!

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